This work focuses on entries (drawings and texts) in an account book that I found. Working on this book stems from my examination of the emotional prerequisites/distortions for authoritarian structures to be a “success” – whether in politics, personal relationships etc. In the process, my questions revolved above all around one’s own responsibility towards subjugation, the ability to “not feel” as a requirement for occupying authoritarian positions and persecution.


Later, I researched the history of this company in the archives of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber in Vienna and ascertained that it was an account book from 1938/1939 belonging to the sole trader Wilhelm Silberstein, proprietor of the business R. Robitschek Nfg., Lothringerstrasse 8, Vienna (4th District), which traded in cars, motorbikes and technical requisites.


Page 83 was printed on 27 July 2000 by artpool/museum in progress in Der Standard newspaper, page 15 as part of the discussion held at the time on compensation for forced labour.


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accountbook | mixed media | 26 x 41,5 x 1,5 cm, opened: 52,5 x 41,5 cm | 100 pages | cotton cover | 2000