The Book on the Grass






In the beginning, a book was lying on a patch of ground in Budapest, with a child's drawings, a name, and an address inside. It was a school Siddur, soon to be turned into works of art. So begins the years-long search for Debora, which leads to Timisoara, London, and Israel, to tower-block flats and the Romanian state archive; even the Israeli Minister of the Interior is drawn into it. The search for Debora becomes a story of seeking and at the same time of the thwarted exhibitions that intersect with two murders in Rome.




2003 - 2017, Installation, 36 parts, mixed media,

box 49 x 58,7 x 68,7 cm,

Video English and German, 12:22"


German Version:


Text, Performer, Still Photographs: CM, Script: Fadi Mraish and CM, Director, Camera, Editor: Fadi Mraish, Translation > English: Laura Freeburn, Music: Peter Rosmanith (from Schneesand), Theremin: Pamelia Kurstin, Sound Master: Moritz Kofler. 

English Version:

Special thanks to Nurit Felter, Eva-Maria Gressel, Manfred M. Lang, Claudia-Maria Luenig, Francesco Riccobono, Franz Rosenberger and Peter Rosmanith.